Clay Cutters


Introducing the sharpest custom-printed cutters on the market!

Stella Joie's clay cutters are unique because they are printed using technology that allows for incredible 0.01 mm precision, which means they can have a very sharp edge. Their sharpness allows them to cut much more cleanly than traditional (PLA/Filament) 3D printed cutters, whose resolution is typically limited to 0.4 mm or possibly 0.12 mm.

My brother, an engineer, helped me design these cutters because I was tired of the massive amount of cleanup I was having to do with even excellent-quality, high-end printed cutters.

These cutters are a total game changer. I can now cut even the most intricate designs with little-to-no edge cleanup required. Lots of tiny pieces? No problem! Detailed designs within the cutter? You got it! The possibilities are endless with Stella Joie clay cutters.

We are usually able to create custom cutters within a 1-2 week processing time. Please contact me for a more precise time and cost estimate!

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