Jewelry Storage

Need a place to keep all your beautiful Stella Joie Jewelry? Here are some of my favorite storage methods.

I own this beautiful mirrored jewelry case, and I have loved how well it holds, organizes, and protects my earrings, necklaces, and other special items. The large ring display is useful for storing post earrings too (I don't have many rings). The large cabinet comes in about 6 color options. The smaller version (right) also comes in a beautiful wood version as well as the classic white. (Click the pictures for links!)


Another option is a frame-style organizer that you can buy or make yourself with a frame and some chicken wire or screen. I have several of this style, and I like to use them to display my jewelry at in-person events. (Click the pictures for links!)


If you're crafty and want to decorate your own frame, this is also a great option that doesn't require attaching the chicken wire or screen yourself. (Click the image for the link!)