I would love to discuss potential wholesale deals or business collaborations. I am committed to supporting and partnering with small businesses.

Exclusive Collections and Cross Marketing

I can work with you to create a custom, exclusive collection for your store that cannot be purchased on my website or anywhere else. (Exclusivity must be specified in the terms of our agreement.) I'm happy to promote this collection and send customers your way to purchase these pieces. I have a strong, loyal following on Instagram and Facebook, so working with me for a wholesale deal can provide excellent visibility for your brand.


I make all of my pieces by hand, and I keep my margins fairly low to ensure my work is affordable for all of my customers. This means I might not be able to offer as deep of a discount as larger companies can. However, comparable pieces often sell for 1.5-2x what I charge on my site. My wholesale discount has a wide range, based on the complexity of the pieces and the quantities purchased.

Let's chat

Consultations are always free, and there's never any pressure to buy.

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